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TWIN Caching™: The Rise of IP Address Intelligence

Learn how KickFire's IP address intelligence is revolutionizing the way companies power and enhance their products, marketing solutions, and more.
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KickFire for Google®

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KickFire for Google®
First-Party Intent for Google Analytics
KickFire seamlessly integrates into the Google® Marketing Platform to identify the companies visiting and clicking on your ad campaigns – allowing you to serve retargeting ads, personalize content, and so much more!
Identify the companies visiting your website
  • See the companies showing buying intent along with company firmographic data, such as:
    • Company Name & Website
    • Industry, Revenue Range, Employee Count
    • And more
KickFire for Google Analytics
KickFire for Google Ads
Retarget visitors
  • Gain insight into which companies are clicking on your Google Search Ads and engaging with your website
  • Create custom audiences based on first-party intent, company firmographic data, website engagement, and more
  • Leverage those audiences to serve remarketing ads, dynamically adjust bids, and exclude companies from seeing ads
  • See what keywords users are searching for on Google and create audiences based on those search terms
Personalize your website

Use Google Optimize to engage website visitors with personalized experiences based on the visitor's company firmographics

  • Edit navigation
  • Greet website visitors and change banner images
  • Dynamically change recommended content and Calls-To-Action
KickFire for Google Optimize
KickFire for Google Data Studio
Unite your data

Connect data from Google Marketing Platform with your other cross-channel marketing

  • Measure and analyze the performance of your website, digital advertising, SEO, email marketing, social, and more
  • Create interactive dashboards and beautiful, customized reports

Learn More
See what KickFire for Google can do for your account-based marketing strategy!

Webinar On Demand: Eliminate Ad Waste in Google Analytics

Learn how to create audience segments based on company firmographics to target ads and adjust bids for visiting companies.


Webinar On Demand: Keyword Intent & Personalization

See what keywords website visitors are searching for on Google and personalize website content based on company firmographics.


Webinar On Demand: Service Provider & Network Domain

Remedy your need for Google’s Network Domain and Service Provider data with more accurate account-level identification.


Google for Account-Based Marketing

5 ways integrating IP address intelligence into Google Analytics will make your account-based marketing strategy more effective.


3 Steps to
Reduce Ad Waste

Use account-level data to serve remarketing ads to Google Search users based on company, industry, revenue, employees, and more.


How Do I
Get Started?

Set up is easy and can take as little as 15 minutes! You'll need Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics or Google Analytics 360.