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KickFire + G2:
Rev Up Your Rev Org with Buyer Intent

Learn tactics and strategies to enable your reps to book more qualified meetings, close deals more efficiently, and stop churn in its tracks—all through Buyer Intent.

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Eliminate Ad Waste in Google Analytics

Learn how to create audience segments based on company firmographics to target ads and adjust bids for visiting companies.

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Google's Deprecation of Service Provider & Network Domain

Remedy your need for Google’s Network Domain and Service Provider data with more accurate account-level identification.

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Turn anonymous website visitors into high-quality leads

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How does
KickFire identify the
company behind
an IP address?

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Let KickFire
Be Your Marketing
Guardian Angel

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Five9 Identifies
Sales Opportunities and Maximizes Marketing ROI

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Using KickFire to deliver account-level data to Adobe Analytics & Target

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Keyword Intent & Personalization
in Google Analytics

See what keywords website visitors are searching for on Google and personalize website content based on company firmographics.

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Using KickFire + Google Analytics
to Enhance Your
ABM Strategy

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