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Customer Stories

Learn how organizations are leveraging business intelligence from KickFire to enhance their sales and marketing technology stacks.

Customer Stories

Learn how organizations are leveraging business intelligence from KickFire to enhance their sales and marketing technology stacks.

RollWorks Case Study

How RollWorks Selected KickFire as a First-Party Intent Data Vendor

The biggest benefit RollWorks has seen from first-party intent is our ability to segment our ad campaign audiences based on where people are interacting with our digital properties. The RollWorks team is now able to understand a prospect’s level of intent based on where they’re landing on our website, how they’re interacting with chatbots, etc. First-party intent is also key to helping our sales team prioritize outreach.
Kushan Patel
Senior Director of Product Management at RollWorks

Customer Profile

RollWorks is a B2B account-based marketing (ABM) solution shown to deliver over 5X the ROI of other ABM platforms.

Industry:Account-Based Marketing Software
Headquarters:San Francisco, CA


RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, Inc., was in the market for a first-party intent and IP address intelligence data vendor to help strengthen the RollWorks Account-Based Platform. With their goals of improving their enhanced account identification and engagement measurement, RollWorks conducted a competitive vendor analysis in order to identify the best provider for their team.

First-party intent data is an important component of a successful account-based strategy. Without it, marketing & sales teams can be blind to active buying journeys; however, if a company can determine who is looking at their website before a visitor fills out a form, it allows them to identify previously unknown buyers. This means sales and marketing teams can engage these buyers in targeted ways to build awareness and drive engagement with the RollWorks brand.


In order to identify the best provider for their needs and further their ability to deliver enhanced account identification and engagement measurement, RollWorks conducted a competitive vendor analysis among 14 first-party intent data providers.

The information included details about each provider's offering, such as:

  • Granularity in identifiable companies across different global markets, company sizes, industry types, and more
  • How IP address data is gathered, processed, and stored
  • Source of IP address information (i.e. public vs proprietary partnerships)
  • ISP and WiFi filtering enabling delivery of only B2B traffic
  • Data delivery options
  • Frequency of database updates
  • Network uptime and direct customer support channel access

Based on the feedback and ability to meet RollWorks’ key criteria, KickFire was invited as a select group of providers from a short-list to participate in a match test which was designed to evaluate the breadth and depth of IP coverage against the accounts that matter most to their customer base.

KickFire emerged as the overall winner when evaluating the scope of offering, flexibility to work with varied technical requirements, as well as both the breadth and depth of the core IP data.

Through this vendor selection process, RollWorks felt confident that KickFire’s TWIN Caching IP address intelligence would help to provide more accurate first-party intent data, which, combined with RollWorks’ proprietary Account Fit and Account Intent, helps marketers prioritize accounts based on their stage in the buying cycle.

KickFire data is now incorporated into the RollWorks platform and available to all RollWorks Account-Based Platform customers.

Five9® Case Study

See How Five9 Was Able to Implement KickFire Solutions to Maximize Marketing ROI and Identify Sales Opportunities


Terminus® Case Study

How Terminus Uses KickFire API to Power Campaign Attribution for Terminus' Account-Based Marketing Technology

We needed a technology with the capability to identify visitors on our clients' sites to signal to our customers when their ABM campaigns and efforts are working successfully. After an extensive vendor comparison, we selected KickFire as our technology partner.
With KickFire in place, we can better show the full ABM journey from advertising campaigns to website engagement to revenue. We haven't seen anyone do it better!
Bryan Brown
Chief Product Officer at Terminus

Customer Profile

Terminus is the leading account-based marketing (ABM) platform that enables B2B marketers to target accounts, engage decision-makers, and accelerate marketing and sales pipeline velocity at scale.

Industry:Account-Based Marketing Software
Headquarters:Atlanta, GA


Terminus was in the market to implement IP address intelligence within their Account-Based Visitor ID product and needed a technology with the capability to identify visitors on customer websites to validate to customers that ABM campaigns and efforts were working successfully. Not wanting to build the technology internally, Terminus went in search of the industry's best provider.


After extensively analyzing and testing four data vendors based on data quality and accuracy, match rates, and API volume and response times, Terminus was able to determine KickFire was the clear winner in many categories and the best option for a data vendor and technology partner.

Terminus discovered many vendors in the IP address space are able to identify enterprise companies but rely on public data and lack the ability to go beyond the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and identify small to mid-size businesses and enterprise companies. In a test using their own IP address as a ground truth, KickFire was the only provider to identify Terminus as a company, not an ISP.

Terminus felt confident building their platform on top of KickFire's data and combining KickFire's expertise in IP address intelligence with the Terminus ABM platform.

Terminus customers can now measure account engagement, penetration, and behavior on their website, validate their website is converting to revenue, and attribute ABM campaigns to faster sales velocity and success.

Recovery Point® Case Study

How Recovery Point Generated a 200% Increase in Leads by Using KickFire

Since we found KickFire®, our main marketing strategy has been to drive prospects to our website, then use the information regarding the visitor and what they researched to feed our inside sales operation.
We use other marketing tools in the process, but KickFire was the catalyst, and is now the engine of the operation.
Dick Fordham
Director of Marketing and Strategy

Customer Profile

Recovery Point® is a leading national provider of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to keep applications and business processes running after a catastrophic event.

Industry:Disaster Recovery
Headquarters:Germantown, Maryland


Recovery Point was frustrated that their website was not generating the number of inbound form submissions they were looking for. They knew they had traffic coming to the site because they had Google Analytics, but they didn't know who that traffic was and the data could not be tied into their sales process. Recovery Point wanted to capitalize on the traffic they had coming to the site, but lacked the necessary tools to do so.


Using KickFire has enabled Recovery Point to implement a streamlined prospecting process that ties web visitors to inside sales activity, and this process is efficient and measurable. Every week they use LIVE Leads to identify the top leads and create the calling list for their inside sales team, which has increased the actual number of leads for the team to be working on by over 200%. Overall, the team is generating more qualified leads and shortening the sales cycle, which in their industry is difficult to do.

Recovery Point has also taken full advantage of KickFire's analytics and conversion tracking to maximize their ad spend. They easily are able to measure the impact of banner advertising on third party sites so that they can apply their marketing budget more efficiently. They have also been able to reallocate space on their website to replace low traffic areas with more relevant and attractive features, thereby enhancing the users experience.

Lead411® Case Study

How Lead411 Uses KickFire LIVE Leads to Gain a Competitive Edge with Real-Time Intent and Anonymous Lead Identification

KickFire® allows us to cut through the noise and focus on the companies most interested in our data. With its real-time identification, we're able to identify, prioritize, and immediately target high-value leads and accounts.
Tom Blue

Customer Profile

Lead411® is a B2B lead intelligence software platform that provides corporate and contact decision maker data to increase lead identification and conversion rates.

Industry:Lead Software
Headquarters:Boulder, Colorado


Lead411 generated a high amount of daily traffic to their website, but did not have a technology to identify their anonymous website visitors. They desired real-time visibility to identify and prioritize high-value leads in the market to purchase their lead intelligence software.

Their team also wanted to see the where a visitor came from and what content they consumed on the website. Monitoring this type of behavioral data could allow them to attribute the influence of their multi-touch marketing strategies across their marketing automation, direct mail, and digital ad campaigns.


KickFire LIVE Leads provides Lead411 with valuable, real-time intent and company firmographic data to identify and focus on the right accounts interacting with their website content. By using KickFire's Lead Scoring features, Lead411 is able to collect valuable data pieces to determine a visitor's level of interest and adjust their outreach accordingly.

On a weekly basis, the high number of web traffic is filtered and targeted based on interest – unqualified accounts are filtered out, prospective accounts are added to a nurturing sequence, and high-value leads and accounts are immediately targeted for appointments. With this system in place, Lead411 is able to focus on the right people at the right time, and thereby increasing overall demand generation and productivity.

KickFire's superior data quality, user-friendly interface and exceptional level of customer service made it an easy decision for Lead411 to implement the KickFire platform.

Avascent® Case Study

How Avascent Was Able to Improve Their Website and Discover New Leads Using KickFire

KickFire Forms are helpful and easy to implement into our WordPress website. We can now effectively identify potential customers and capture their contact information, making it easy to push new leads into SalesForce and add them to mailing lists. We even get alerted when they return to our site.
In addition, their customer service is excellent. The Support team immediately drills down into the customer challenge, addresses it, and then after solving the issue, recommends best practices for the future. It's a pleasure working with KickFire.
Christine Vargas
Marketing Manager

Customer Profile

Avascent® is the leading independent strategy and management-consulting firm serving clients in government-driven industries.

Industry:Strategy and Management Consulting Firm
Headquarters:Washington, DC


Avascent serves a niche market and so having insight to their invisible pipeline was important. They wanted the ability to reach the right audience and identify companies who had an interest in their consulting services. Avascent found other analytic tools lacked the ability to identify leads coming to their website, and the user-friendly interface and customer service they desired.


With KickFire's easy-to-navigate platform, Avascent gained valuable insight into their invisible pipeline. Avascent now uses LIVE Leads™, in conjunction with Hosted Forms, to identify and capture contact information for influencers and decision-makers coming to their website, see what they are interested in, and if they return. KickFire helped Avascent improve their website's findability and see what content potential customers viewed on their site, allowing them to publish more of the right content. By using KickFire's suite of helpful tools, Avascent has seen results in its targeted lead nurturing.

KickFire also provides Avascent with the high level of customer service they desired. They found every member of the KickFire Support team to be knowledgeable in how to use the product. If they experienced any difficulties, the Support team was able to immediately troubleshoot and recommend tools and best practices to make the product easier to use.

DesignMind® Case Study

How DesignMind Optimized Their Website to Drive Traffic And Identify New Website Leads with KickFire

KickFire® LIVE Leads provides insight into our primary marketing tool – our website. Every time we open a Lead Alerts email it's like having someone throw an M&M into your mouth!
Patty Schinzing
VP of Marketing

Customer Profile

From big data to business intelligence, DesignMind® is a business and technology consulting firm specializing in data analysis and development.

Industry:Business & Technology Consulting Firm
Headquarters:San Francisco, CA


The DesignMind team was eager to improve their website content to help drive qualified leads and grow their company. They wanted to have better insight into the companies visiting their site and where they were located. With Google Analytics, they lacked the ability to see into their web traffic and the actual companies visiting their website that they desired.


KickFire allows DesignMind to identify the anonymous companies and known prospects visiting the site and gain insight into their levels of engagement and buying intent. With real-time LIVE Leads Alerts and daily LIVE Leads Report emails, DesignMind is able to see the high-quality leads visiting their site without needing to log into the platform.

DesignMind chose KickFire because it gave them insight into their primary marketing tool – their website. With many high-caliber sales prospects validating their expertise online, DesignMind realized it needed to optimize its website, content, and SEO to improve its searchability and drive traffic to its site. KickFire's customer support and training ensured their team was able to get the most value out of the LIVE Leads platform and achieve their marketing goals.


How CPLANE NETWORKS Gained Valuable Insight into Their Website Using KickFire

KickFire® is like having the light switch flipped on. Suddenly you can see all types of things you didn't realize were happening on your website. It's helped move our company to a much more productive marketing and sales model.
Robert Keahey
VP of Marketing and Operations

Customer Profile

CPLANE NETWORKS® is a leader in end-to-end data center and wide area network service orchestration that enables software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) services to be launched and managed in a single environment.

Industry:Computer/Networking Software
Type:B2B and direct enterprise sales
Headquarters:Silicon Valley, California


CPLANE Networks was looking to improve their sales and marketing processes to help increase productivity and lead generation from their website. As a small startup, they knew lead generation was critical, but more important was lead qualification. Having limited sales resources, it was vital that their team be able to concentrate their efforts on the highest quality leads. Although CPLANE had Google Analytics in place, they felt they were still flying blind with respect to the impact of their digital marketing efforts and the leads they were driving to their site.


CPLANE chose KickFire because they were able to provide the leads they needed and the marketing data to make their team more effective. CPLANE uses LIVE Leads to identify leads that are visiting their website in real-time. LIVE Leads's valuable company information has helped them organize and manage their pipeline more effectively, and has significantly shortened the time to find an entry point into a targeted prospect. CPLANE’s sales team is now able to focus on the right leads, at the right time, and open up conversations with the right people – all because of LIVE Leads

CPLANE also heavily relies upon KickFire's form and conversion tracking to help them dial in the messaging for their marketing campaigns and generate more conversions. Conversion tracking has given them the ability to correlate the actions visitors are taking on their website with the campaign that drove them there, which is assisting the marketing team in refining their strategy. Meanwhile, CPLANE was able to replace all of their forms with KickFire's Hosted Forms, which has led to a steady rise in the number of conversions they generated over the last three months.

Data Solutions International® Case Study

How KickFire Solved WIX's Tracking Limitations and
Helped Data Solutions International Connect with New Website Leads

We tried six different companies and not one could track the pages that our visitors were hitting – then we found KickFire®. They solved all of our issues and had us up and running in less than a day. The results are better than we expected.
Alina Ruggieri
Marketing Manager

Customer Profile

Data Solutions International® is a full-service information management and employee survey software company helping to enhance organizational performance through quality solutions.

Industry:Survey Software
Headquarters:Minnetonka, Minnesota


Data Solutions International had difficulty finding a solution that would track and identify visitors on their website, due to the platform's reporting restrictions which prevented users from using traditional website tracking products. After trying several web analytics tools, Data Solutions International was still unable to track and identify who was coming to their website and monetize their web traffic.


KickFire was able to work with the platform's website tracking restrictions to solve the issues Digital Solutions International was experiencing. Within an hour, The KickFire Support team was able to create an innovative, custom code specifically for the platform to help WIX users gain insight into their website. Digital Solutions International found the KickFire platform easy to navigate and is now able to easily see who is visiting their website, what their interests are, and if they return.

Digital Solutions International uses LIVE Leads in conjunction with conversion tracking to track which marketing campaigns are driving traffic to their website, identify new leads, connect with potential clients that they previously would have not known were on their site, and monetize their web traffic. With KickFire's great insight, Digital Solutions International is now able to watch their visitors with excitement on a daily basis.

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