Real-time alerts when target accounts visit your website
  • Create watchlists to monitor active pipeline and identify in-market buyers
  • Understand account-level engagement across multiple watchlists
  • Know when competitors visit your website
  • Create unique watchlists for sales and marketing teams with multiple users
Reporting environment
Identify the target accounts visiting your website

See the companies showing buying intent along with company firmographic data, such as:

  • Company Name & Website
  • Address & Phone
  • Industry, Revenue Range, Employee Count
  • Social Media Profiles
  • And more

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How teams use SPARK

  • Track engagement of target accounts across your site
  • Find out which campaigns are driving high value traffic
  • Increase the number of warm leads into the sales funnel
  • Get alerts when prospects visit your site
  • Create more effective messaging based on visitor data
  • See engagement and reach out to prospects at the right time
How it works
How many companies can I track with KickFire SPARK?

You can upload up to 5 watchlists with a maximum of 250 accounts each – giving you real-time alerts for a total of 1,250 accounts.

How will I be notified when a target account visits my website?
  • Real-time notifications will be emailed based on watchlist activity
  • Daily summary emails will be sent of watchlist activity
  • You can also view the target accounts visiting your website within the SPARK platform
How do I get started?

Once you have signed up you will be emailed a SPARK tag, which is placed on the global header or footer of your website or in your tag manager.

Can SPARK identify net-new companies, not on my target watchlists?

SPARK does not identify net-new companies not on your watchlists. To identify net-new accounts on your website, check out our LIVE Leads and Analytics solutions for Google and Adobe.

It Only Takes a SPARK to Start a Fire™

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Our free Google Chrome Extension delivers company firmographic data and website technologies with a one-click push straight to your CRM.

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