5 Ways to Increase Google Analytics® Effectiveness with IP Address Intelligence

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Marketers have historically sacrificed the customer experience in exchange for empowering sales with contact information.
As we know, most B2B sales processes are lengthy, so we’ve relied on more immediate KPIs like cost per lead to evaluate success. With anywhere between 90-98% of website visitors abandoning a site without converting, we’ve built a culture of optimizing for the few, rather than the many.
Account Based Everything - even paid search

In 2018, it felt like you couldn’t have a B2B marketing conversation without someone bringing up Account Based Marketing (ABM). Ironically, the vast majority of B2B marketers still invest heavily in paid search, where a good portion of spend is being invested against companies that:

  • Aren’t on target account lists
  • May not be the best fit for your business
  • Sales are less interested in engaging with

With paid search transitioning from keyword-based to people-based, having visibility into 100% of your traffic empowers you to better optimize. Adding advanced company identification enables marketers to create audience segments based on account level information, like: industry, revenue, employee ranges — or even tier-1 accounts. Enable spend optimization by identifying non-converting segments and redirecting funds to higher converting ads.

Dynamically increase your keyword bids for accounts on your target account list and dynamically decrease your keyword bids for less desirable audiences!

KickFire for Google
Stronger LinkedIn and other post-click programs

With the great technology available to B2B marketers today, from intent data to predictive analytics, the most common thing we hear is, “I just want to get more out of my LinkedIn campaign.” So how do you get the most out of your LinkedIn and other post-click (social and native) campaigns? Validate that the companies you’re targeting are the ones engaging with your website and become more effective at converting these companies into revenue.

Conversion Rate Optimization rocks, most companies just do it wrong

With substantial amounts of real money being poured into marketing programs, it’s no wonder conversion rate optimization (CRO) is core to successful companies — it makes your budget work harder for you. By integrating IP address intelligence into Google Analytics, marketers are armed with the firmographics to answer:

  • Which companies are visiting your website that you otherwise wouldn’t have known were engaging with you?
  • Which sized companies are visiting your site?
  • Which verticals are visiting your site?
  • What are the differences in those that convert vs. those that don’t?

You no longer need to assume you’re a better fit for certain company types. You can use Google Optimize to A/B test personalization and validate experiences that drive revenue from the types of companies you want to do business with.

Not only can you optimize the experience based on firmographics, you can tie those companies who you never knew were visiting your website to pipeline and revenue.

Content personalization
Google Reporting
Measure post-view ABM campaigns effectively

When marketers plan Account Based Marketing campaigns, the most common channels outside of social are out-of-home (OOH), display, and video. Much of the impact these programs generate never involve a click, making it more difficult for brands to measure.

By de-anonymizing website visitors, we’re now able to see if our efforts are truly driving site/brand engagement. Make sure your IP intelligence solution isn’t incentivized to prove your advertising is working — ensuring the fox isn’t guarding the hen house.

TIP: We recommend running A/B tests to see if companies exposed to advertising are more likely to engage with the sales team or see if the companies we’re targeting are turning into leads and pipeline.

Be the marketer sales people love
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Befriend your sales team by alerting them when their target accounts are engaging with your website in real-time and what content they’re engaging with. They can then acquire contact information for the people who aren’t in your database and prioritize turning existing leads into pipeline.

We get it — being a marketer continues to become increasingly more difficult. We are often expected to do more with less every year, as more and more competitors seem to enter the market — and it’s difficult to keep track of all the complex, expensive technology solutions that tend to fall short of what was promised. We recommend starting with a very simple question: How can I get my existing program to simply work harder for me?

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