KickFire Solutions
Privacy compliant, cookieless, first-party B2B intent solutions to power your sales and marketing strategies!
LIVE Leads™
LIVE Leads™ identifies website visitors, tracks buying intent, and provides warm leads to sales teams.
  • Qualify high-value visitors based on interest and engagement with lead scoring
  • Track multi-channel marketing campaigns and receive instant alerts when accounts visit
  • Connect website performance, visitor engagement, and customer behavior with real-time tracking and reporting
KickFire® for Adobe®
KickFire for Adobe® identifies the companies visiting your website, delivers personalized content, and more.
  • Engage website visitors with personalized experiences
  • Segment visitors based on company firmographic data, target account watchlists, and custom first-party data attributes
  • Expand traditional reports with valuable business intelligence
MyAPI™ enables companies to join first-party data with KickFire's IP-to-Company API for a customized API response.
  • Segment, filter, and combine important "known" data, such as Account Watchlist, Account Tier, Sales Agent, Sales Territory, etc.
  • Deliver enhanced content personalization, targeted sales and marketing campaigns, attribution, and more.
TWIN-iQ™ provides the ability to identify website visitors, track buying intent, and create buying propensity models.
  • Implement tracking on high traffic websites or across multiple client sites
  • Filter ISP and WiFI traffic to only receive information on B2B traffic
  • Programmatically ingest data through daily CSV file reports
KickFire Prospector
This free Google Chrome® extension provides valuable business intelligence about any company website.
  • Uncover company data, such as: address, industry, employee count, revenue range, and more – and send it straight to your CRM.
  • Research the strength and influence of a company's website, based on Alexa ranking.
  • Easily view the technologies and services used by a prospect.
KickFire SPARK™
KickFire SPARK™ is a free tool that allows users to create watchlists to identify when target accounts visit their site.
  • See account-level engagement and gain a deeper understanding of which campaigns are driving high-value traffic
  • Discover accounts showing increased interest and reach out at the perfect time
  • Create multiple watchlists to track up to 1,000 target accounts
KickFire® for Google®
Integrate first-party intent to uncover companies visiting the website, clicking on Google Ads campaigns, and more.
  • Create remarketing audiences based on keyword searches, firmographics, engagement, etc.
  • Engage website visitors with personalized experiences based on company firmographics
  • Connect data across channels to view the performance of your website, digital advertising, email marketing, etc.
KickFire APIs
KickFire API provides robust account-level business intelligence for a wide range of B2B applications.
  • Power content personalization, account-level ad targeting, form enrichment, CRM appending, attribution, and more
  • Premium APIs – IP Address to Company, Domain to IP Address, and others
  • Free APIs – IP Address Detection, IP to Country, Postal and area code to Geolocation
KickFire API
KickFire for Adobe
KickFire for Google
LIVE Leads
The Power of KickFire®

KickFire is the leader in company identification and first-party intent. We provide you with the intelligence you need to fuel your account based sales and marketing strategies.

Our wide range of solutions integrate with many of today’s leading technologies – making it easy to use KickFire’s intelligence across your sales and marketing stack.

Popular use cases:

  • Account-Level Visitor Identification
  • First-Party Intent
  • Dynamic Ad Retargeting
  • Campaign Attribution
  • Content Personalization
  • Form Enrichment

Learn more about KickFire's proprietary first-party intent engine.

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